5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make

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5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make

  1. Technology is all around us. Whether you’re scared of it or embrace it, there are tools within your reach that you can use to make better decisions and save time. Here is a snapshot of my 4 favorite apps. Visit my website at www.iSellPasadena.com for more!
 HomeSnap Homesnap gives you the ability to pull up in front of any home, snap a picture of it, and find out ALL available information on it including asking price, sq. ft., when it last sold, bedrooms and bathrooms, taxes, lot boundaries, etc…LOVE the app!
 QL Who knew calculating your mortgage payment could be so easy…and dare we say, fun? Calculate, save your favorites and get real time mortgage rates all from this beautiful mortgage calculator from Quicken Loan. And it’s FREE.
 houzz HOUZZ! The best app for home improvement projects.  Just take my word for it and download it!
 karma Credit Karma is a FREE app which helps you track your credit and provides you with your credit scores.  Knowing your credit score BEFORE you search for a mortgage is very important for shopping rates and terms.
  1. Why do I need a Realtor? Not understanding the legal implications of the loan and inspection contingencies and things like contractual provisions can cause an unlimited amount of risk and stress. Let an expert guide you through the process so it doesn’t become a burden and you can rest easy knowing that someone is taking care of you. Home buying process should be fun and exciting!
  1. So you found the perfect home for you, right? Wait, you didn’t know about that freight train that passes by the house every hour after the dinner? Right. Don’t make this mistake. Before making an offer, visit the house at varying times of the day, try walking the neighborhood at night – commute from there one morning! The more you know, the better!
  1. Not having a home inspection done by a professional home inspector. Did you know that you do not need to be licensed to be a home inspector. Yup, that’s right. Anyone can claim the title. You. Uncle George or your 3rd cousin. Who do you want to entrust with the biggest investment of your life? I only work with licensed and insured inspectors. A good, experienced inspector will catch most problems that most home buyers or pretenders won’t.
  1. Zillow Zestimate is your offer price? Think about this: A person might use a WebMD to look up symptoms, but they still consult their doctor if they want a truly accurate diagnosis. It’s the same using only a Zestimate to price a home. It’s a good idea to get a professional opinion to give you the most accurate figure. Realize that if you don’t write a strong offer, you may lose your dream home to another, more highly motivated buyer.

Do you have a trustworthy, professional Realtor on your side?


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