A Quick Guide to Selling Your Home

pretty funny girl  struggling with some housework
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pretty funny girl  struggling with some housework

So you want to sell your house. Now what? Luckily, we’re here to help. Yes, the process of selling your house is daunting, both emotionally and financially. But with the right tips and tools, you can go from overwhelmed to top of the market in no time. Our must guide to selling your home includes everything from selecting the right agent and preparing your home to staging, photographing, and planning the open house. So, take a look at our list below and ready yourself for a less stressful, more efficient way to sell your home.

1. Finding the right real estate agent

Finding the right real estate agent is like finding the perfect dress or pair of shoes—you might have to try on a few before finally settling on which is best for you. Meaning? What works for a friend might not work for you—so make sure you feel comfortable with the agent you settle on; that she’s someone you can trust; someone who’ll answer your questions; someone who understands what you want; and ultimately will help you get the best price for your home.

2. Preparing your house for sale

The entire process of selling your home can immediately overwhelm anyone. That’s why, starting with a plan helps tame the crazy. Look around your home and create a list of what must get done and how long each action item will take. The faster you can address these issues, the faster you can get your house on the market.

3. To Fix or not to fix

The biggest question to ask before deciding what to fix is what will help buyers see that your house has been cared for? Things that immediately come to mind are fixing leaky pipes, cracked windows, a broken door bell, and cracked floor tiles. To save money, see if there’s a budget friendly way to fix something first before committing to a large and expensive project.

4. Curb appeal

Think about buyers’ first impressions. They’re everything, no? Don’t give buyers an excuse to keep driving when they see your open house sign. Instead, set the stage immediately. Trim any overgrown hedges; update a chipped mailbox; plant fresh flowers. Make your entrance as inviting and beautiful as possible. A freshly painted door,  bold address numbers, and a clean garage door are sure to make a statement.

5. Quick fixes that make a big impact

While you might not be able to upgrade an outdated bathroom or kitchen, you can always refresh a room with simple changes. This includes new hardware or a fresh coat of paint. In the bathroom, try a sleek new shower head, a modern shower curtain, or fresh fluffy towels. New hardware on cabinets in the kitchen can rejuvenate an outdated style. Plus, puttying and painting any holes in the wall, steam cleaning the carpets, and polishing the floors are quick changes that’ll make a big impact.

6. Staging your home

When it comes to staging, giving each room a purpose is a must. Make sure buyers know what each room can offer. Adding something as simple as a desk in a space can help the buyer envision a home office. Make sure to declutter too. Take away personal items and remove about half of what you have on bookshelves and surfaces. Remove any photos of you and your family and replace them with generic scenery. This allows buyers to envision themselves in the rooms instead of seeing you there. To save money, rent or borrow inexpensive furniture to punch up the look of an empty or outdated room.

7. Right photos

Once your home is staged, bring in a professional photographer to capture it at its best. He’ll know how to capture the size of the room with the right angles and how best to light the space to make it look bigger. Tips? Turn on all the lights and open all the blinds to provide the best light. The more floor you can see, the better, so removing any large rugs will help. Plus, you only need photos of rooms most used.

8. Open house

This is it. The big day. Everything you’ve done has lead to your open house. Make sure to do a quick run through of your home before you leave, one final sweep to dust, wipe the sink, remove any personal items from the refrigerator or mail lying on the table. Trust your agent and stay positive!


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