A Reusable Bag Must-Have

reusable bag
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This might seem odd, but I love an adorable reusable bag. And if you live in Pasadena, you know all about how necessary it is to have several. (Otherwise, you’ll need to pay 10 cents per paper bag.) One of my favorites is the market bag by the company Apolis. It’s sturdy; lined; and says Pasadena | California | USA across it. Yes, the bag is $68, but for the quality, it’s well worth the price. You won’t be needing to replace this one any time soon.

Where can you purchase one? In our very own Mohawk General Store, located on Smith Alley in Old Pasadena. Walk along the cobblestone alley, passed SugarFina, on the way to Anthropologie, and you’ll stumble upon Mohawk General Store, a boutique full of unique clothing, apothecary items, shoes, jewelry, and bags for both men and women.

(If you visit apolisglobal.com you can find the market bag with just about any city’s name printed across it. Next on my list? The Arts District and Silverlake.)

(Photo credit: http://www.apolisglobal.com/local-global-partners/)

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