San Gabriel

San Gabriel

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Established in 1776 and one of the oldest Mission cities in Southern California, San Gabriel continues to remain true to those roots today.  Mission style architecture can be seen throughout this city and is the heart of some of its most signature landmarks.  Whether you’re attending a wedding or enjoying a round of golf at the San Gabriel Country Club or visiting one of the many parks this city takes so much pride in, remnants of its mission past can be found throughout.

San Gabriel is committed to the mission of always being better tomorrow than they were yesterday.  In fact, it’s their motto!  Being ‘A City With a Mission,’ San Gabriel is always in the pursuit of constant improvement and adding value to the lives of those who live there.  From maintaining the tree lined walkways that separate the sidewalks from the street to the constant community reinvestment projects, San Gabriel has and will continue to be a landmark city in the Los Angeles area.


San Gabriel Neighborhoods

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