Everson Royce: A Wine Enthusiast’s Dream

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Founded in 2012, Everson Royce is a boutique-style wine shop located in Old Pasadena. And let me tell you, it rocks. Inside, wines, craft beers, and spirits line the walls in industrial shelving and a sleek bar offers enough space for guests to open a bottle, participate in a tasting, and mingle among wine-lovers. The space is uncluttered and cozy and brimming with beverages from all over the world. Like their wine inventory. Reds, whites, and sparkling come from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, California, and Oregon, among the many.

Tastings happen three times a week too, giving you the chance to sample the wines, purchase the bottles at a discount, and (often times) meet the actual wine makers. While their license doesn’t permit spirit tastings, Everson Royce joined forces with their neighbor, the Armory Center for the Arts, where hard liquors samplings include gins, cognacs, scotches, you name it.

But more than their stellar inventory is their customer service. Completely unpretentious and welcoming to all levels of beverage enthusiasts, their staff offers unintimidating and beyond helpful service. Don’t know anything about wine? No problem. A complete beer-nut? Great! The staff enjoys helping anyone and everyone. And that includes the owners: April Langford, Randy Clement, and Joe Capella. (And a shout out to staffer Elliot, who never fails to find my husband and me a perfect bottle of wine!)

So be sure to walk RUN to Everson Royce, located on Raymond Ave., today!


Fun Facts

Everson Royce was named after Langford and Clement’s twin boys, Everson and Royce.


  • Tuesdays ($15 for three wines; 5-8pm)
  • Fridays ($12-15 for three wines, either flight of red or white; 5-9pm)
  • Saturdays ($15 for four wines; 2-6pm) and often times play host to the wine makers.

Wine club

  • Club 1: $35/month — two bottles; tasty & delicious
  • Club 2: $65/month — two bottles; tasty, delicious & a bit fancy
  • Club 3: $100/month — two bottles; tasty, delicious & most definitely fancy
    • White wine only; red wine only; or ask for a recommendation!
    • 3, 6, and 12 month memberships

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