Float Pasadena Offers More than Amazing Drinks

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“We are nestled behind Lake Ave. on Shopper’s Lane in a city called Pasadena, CA. A place where the sun shines 361 days of the year and the other four we’re okay with.” This describes an amazing little gem right in our backyard called Float. It’s got food; it’s got coffee; it’s got floats. All with a hipster twist.

The shop is an adorable one, set in Shopper’s Lane on Lake Ave. (A british-stye colonnade of small boutiques and businesses.) Large windows; cozy interior, Float has the charm of a modern soda shop meets hipster coffee house. The menu consists of sandwiches (everything from a turkey cheese melt and pesto chicken to pastrami and a bacon club to a vegetarian and tuna); single origin coffee (Handsome); and unique ice cream floats. Favorites? Seasonal floats like the Creamy Berry Fizz—vanilla bean idea cream, float berry fizz, and fresh mint; Boys of Summer—boysenberry sorbet and balan’s sparkling lemonade; and classic floats like the Cold Brew—cold brew iced coffee and vanilla bean ice cream.

But what I just discovered about this place is that it offers more than amazing food and beverages. It hosts summer movie nights. Called? Cineramadena. For the third year in a row, Float transforms the colonnade during the summer into their very own cinema. “There will be treats, popcorn, and floats complimenting each film,” writes its website. Um. All of this, please!

Movies include:

  • ET — June 13th
  • Independence Day — June 27th
  • Wall-E — July 11th
  • Guardians of the Galaxy — July 25th
  • Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back vs Star Trek: Into the Darkness — August 8th

Theme and floats will be announced soon. Movies start at 8pm; but seats fill up fast, so be sure to get there early!

380 S Lake Ave. #106 Pasadena, 91101

*Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/FloatPasadena

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