Free Wi-Fi. Attention. Free Wi-Fi in Old Pasadena

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Readers! I discovered something amazing that maybe you didn’t know about. In Old Pasadena, there’s free wi-fi for all smartphone and tablet device owners, regardless of carrier. Sweet, right? Thanks to AT&T, goers of Old Pasadena can enjoy free wi-fi up and down the bustling street of Colorado Blvd. No matter your server. No matter your device. Straight up—free.

Here are the details:

Where: From Pasadena Avenue to Arroyo Parkway, along Colorado Blvd.

What: It’s free. No monthly data charges required.

How: To hook up to AT&T’s wireless service, find “attwifi” on any smartphone or tablet device.

Why: AT&T poured $1.95 billion into its wireless and wired networks all over LA, which includes Pasadena. According to the vice president and general manager of AT&T Mobility, “Old Town Pasadena brings flocks of people from all walks of life to dine, shop and people watch. All smartphone and tablet users will enjoy free Wi-Fi to enhance their overall experience while visiting downtown Pasadena.”

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