Lincoln: Get Your Hipster Vibe on in Northern Pasadena

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If you head towards northern Pasadena, you’ll find Little Flower’s second worthy and delicious cafe, Lincoln. Just opening last November, this cafe, bakery, and boutique has already graced the pages of the LA Times. And why wouldn’t it? Lincoln offers an amazing menu of gourmet healthy items and deliciously fresh baked goods—all in a huge, open-aired warehouse-turned-cafe. (All the visits, please!)

It’s got a good vibe; a great outdoor space; and a parking lot. But it wasn’t always so charming. Chef-owner of Little Flower, Christine Moore, and her baker, Cecilia Leung, stripped a large abandoned building to its bones; built it back up; and renovated the space with large windows, organic-y materials, and a giant map of Southern California. Today, Lincoln is a breath of fresh air.

Favorites of mine? Definitely their pretzel rolls (made with buttermilk. Need I say more?); any of their soups (like grandma made them); and the Yuzu chicken salad (a fresh, healthy, but tasty mixture of finely chopped greens, broiled chicken, and bits of seaweed scattered on top). But the menu is extensive and includes numerous salads, bowls (a breakfast bowl with a runny egg, toast, tomato, sausage; a farro bowl with spiced chickpeas, grains, greens; and a spicy shrimp bowl); and sandwiches. Plus, pancakes, croissants, muffins, tartines, you name it, to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths.

It can get busy though, so be prepared to wait in line. And stare down those lingerers for their table. But trust me. It’s well worth it.

Location, prices, hours

  • Where: 1992 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena
  • Prices: breakfasts $6-$12.50; lunches $8.50-$13.50
  • Hours: Open Mon.-Sat., 6:30 am to 6 pm; Sun., 8 am to 4pm

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