Lula Mae – Everything Your Gifty Heart Desires

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Looking for a charming boutique from where to purchase all your hostess gifts, party supplies, cards, and more? You’ve got it. Right here in Pasadena. Lula Mae sits on the corner of Holly Street and Fair Oaks and offers everything your gifty heart desires.

Since 2003, Lula Mae has provided its customers with unique, funky, and charming items—from art and jewelry created by locals and one-of-a-kind gift cards to sparkly party decor and colorful plush toys, this fun boutique is the perfect go-to for a hostess gift, baby shower, birthday party, or a just-beacuse present.

Walk inside and you’re instantly greater by a plethora of color and trinkets. At first, your eyes may flicker from thing to thing, there’s so much to look at. But once inside, you’ll find each section of the store worth lingering over. One of my favorites are their gift cards—quirky messages; artistic figures; and modern graphics make this pricey selection worth it.

Other items worth noting are their emoji earrings (kissy faces; heart eyes); their organic cotton swaddle blankets (in hipster patterns); coconut milk mango bar soap (among other scents); and their hungry bear side plate.

But my favorite? Is their Wilde Bloem jewelry, created by local artist Jessie Dahlstrom. Her necklaces are whimsical and fun, full of color and texture. They’re the perfect topper to any blouse or addition as a layering necklace. And? Prices are reasonable (between $20 – 30).

Be sure to check out Lula Mae’s workshops too. Like their Mom or Dad & Me summer classes—learn to make cards (July 26th) and dream catchers (August 9th). Or their How to Start Your Own Business class on July 30th. (Visit their website for full details.)

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