Moving? My Piece of Advice

stress of moving
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If you’ve ever been through the selling and buying process of a home, you know how much of a headache it can be. Dozens of paperwork. Endless real estate verbiage. Tiresome negotiations. Not to mention the stress of packing, moving, and coordinating your life into boxes. Sound familiar?

This has been me for the past seven months. My husband and I are moving from Pasadena to Glassell Park, to a new town home community. It’s exciting, to move to a new development. Getting to pick your own finishes; envisioning your space. But the excitement wanes quickly when out-of-your-control issues arise. Like delays in building.

This then puts a hold on everything. We’ve had to live in a constant state of spontaneity, which for a planner like me, is as rough as it gets. Will we move this month? Maybe. Should we start packing? Perhaps.

Thankfully, what makes this process bearable, are the realtors involved. Without them, I think I would pull my hair out, become bald, and sit in a corner, holding my pulled-out hair, mumbling nonsensical words to myself. Because the number of times I’ve blubbered to my realtor or spewed out a lengthily email of questions is high. But, that’s what they do. Part realtor. Part therapist. They listen. They advise. They allow you to vent. And then, they guide you. They help you know when to list your home. When to negotiate a better price. They take those hard-to-understand escrow papers and put them into laymen’s terms. They do it all—and then some.

If I were to offer one piece of advice to those of you looking to purchase a new home / sell your house, it’s to find a relator who you can trust and one you connect with. This person will be in your life for the next several months. So make sure s/he’s someone you enjoy working with. Trust me. It’ll make every step, every stressful step, that much easier.

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