New(ish) Restaurants in Old Pasadena

new restaurants in old pasadena
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The restaurant / cafe industry in Old Pasadena has been busy. With several new openings in the last few months, Old Pasadena is expanding its culinary and dessert list. Peruse the list below and get introduced to your new favorite spot!

Blockheads Shavery

Where: 61 S. Fair Oaks Ave #140 Pasadena, 91105

What: Shaved ice. I repeat. Shaved ice. “Blockheads Shavery combines the fine texture of Hawaiian shave ice with the creamy goodness of idea cream to create a unique treat they are proud to call Snow Cream.” Um. YES.

Must: For the non-dairy folks, their watermelon cucumber and mint block pop sounds amazing; as does their strawberry shaved ice with any of their drizzles (caramel, coconut puree) and toppings (cake crumble, fruity pebbles, mochi)

Jin The Tea Shop

Where: 18 W. Green St. Pasadena 91105

What: Fine, organic teas selected from Taiwan

Must: Yet to try these teas, but their lemon oolong and passion fruit oolong teas sound tasty. For those interested in sweet milk teas, they’ve got ‘em. Red beans and brown sugar peals and organic milk; winter melon and brown sugar and organic milk; even tofu pudding and organic milk.

Rocco’s Tavern

Where: 44 W. Green St. Pasadena, 91105

What: Italian-style comfort food served in a sports bar setting. Odd, right? But it works. Especially for Monday Night Football (TVs are everywhere.)

Must: My favorite? Their greek salad with chicken. Fresh, crisp, and perfectly seasoned. Pizzas are cheesy and good, while their happy hour beer selection is a great deal—two for $7.

California Chutney

Where: 45 N. Raymond Ave. Pasadena 91103

What: Healthy and savory Indian flavors in a fast pace setting

Must: Their tandoori chicken salad with a drizzling of their mango chutney is deliciously refreshing; as is their chicken tikka plate, which comes with chickpeas, a green salad, cucumber yogurt, rice, and naan. Oooh, the naan is pure yum.

Waffles de Liege

Where: 21 E. Holly St. Pasadena 91103

What: Fresh. Waffles.

Must: Everything, basically. Am I right? I mean, they’re waffles. But in all seriousness, the fresh fruit waffle (with fresh bananas, strawberries, whopped cream and chocolate syrup) and the Nutella classic (with fresh bananas, Nutella, whipped cream, and almonds) sound ah-mazing.

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