Pasta and Books: An Italian Cooking Demonstration at the Allendale Library

Allendale Branch Library
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Do you love pasta? Do you love books? Then you’re going to love this series at the Allendale Branch Library—an Italian cooking demonstration and tasting, right inside the Pasadena library. On Saturday, September 19th, Chef Isaac Greenhouse will demonstrate how to make pasta from scratch and how to make Baked Fazzoletti using your fresh pasta. (And yum. This meal sounds amazing—pasta stuffed with Ricotta, Parmesean, and a mixture of herbs.)

Before Chef Greenhouse became a chef, he worked in the fashion industry; however, once he decided to pursue his passion for food, he attended culinary school, worked in a kitchen assisting an executive chef and a pastry chef, started as a prep cook in an Italian kitchen, and discovered his love of Italian food. Today, he makes the pasta and breads at Magnone Trattoria in Riverside.

The series begins at 2pm at the Allendale Branch Library on 1130 S. Marengo Ave. Plus? For dessert, there’ll be cannoli from Egale Rock Italian Bakery. Come early—seats go fast. (Chef Greenhouse’s last demonstration in June had standing-room-only!)

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