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The minute it hits October, I suddenly want to consume, smell, and delight in all things pumpkin. I know it’s not just me. After all, there are hashtags dedicated to pumpkin addicts. Since fall is in full swing (er, besides the weather), I thought I’d list a few of my favorite pumpkin treats and where you (if you’re as crazy about the orange vegetable as I am) can find them.

Ready? Let’s get pumpkining.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

No surprise here. Starbucks‘ PSL is one of the most anticipated beverages the coffee mecca serves. In fact, it came out weeks earlier than ever before. The drink is creamy; warm; caffeinated; and all flavors of pumpkin. I order mine with soy, but any milk choice is tasty. And? If you’re not digging milk or milk-like products, order their Pumpkin Pie Delight (at Old Town Starbucks only); it’s made with coffee brewed on their exclusive Clover machine and only uses pumps of pumpkin and white mocha–no added calories of milk or soy.

Where: 93 W Colorado Blvd | Pasadena

Pumpkin Pie

Duh. This is a must have. And where better to get a slice than at the Pie Hole? This spot, located in the Indiana Colony along Colorado Blvd., serves up some of my favorite flavors, including pumpkin. The pie filling is thick but creamy and the crust is perfectly crumbly. It’s fall in a bite.

Where: 59 E Colorado Blvd | Pasadena

Pumpkin Ice Cream

It’s no surprise that CoolHaus serves up scoops of pumpkin flavored ice cream. Their innovative flavors and unique pairings always make for an interesting visit. Which is why I’m thrilled they’ve created spiced pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust swirls as their fall flavor. YUM.

Where: 59 E Colorado Blvd | Pasadena

Pumpkin Candles

While these aren’t edible, Anthropologie’s pumpkin flavored candles are spot on this year. And just as yummy to the nose. Plus, the packaging is beautiful. An oblong mercury glass jar holds an heirloom pumpkin flavored candle; a geometric brass vessel is full of waxy pumpkin and clove flavors; and (for the sweeter nose) a white “Parisian pottery replica” holds a 35-hour burn time pumpkin soufflé candle.

Where:  35 N Fair Oaks Ave | Pasadena

(Photo credit: www.anthropologie.com)

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