Pure Barre POP UP Walk and Class – October 17th

Pure Barre
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Founded by dancer, choreographer, and fitness “guru” Carrie Rezabek Dorr, Pure Barre is a full body workout that transforms women’s bodies in record-breaking time with the use of a ballet barre. The results? Sculpted muscles and long, lean physiques. Um, yes please! The company, which is “the largest, most established barre franchise in the nation,” has over 325 studios across the nation. And one of those is right here in Old Pasadena—107 S. Fair Oaks Ave.

Classes sound challenging but fun. They last 55 minutes (yikes!), and start with a high energy warm up, before moving on to sculpting arms, toning thighs, lifting seat, flattening abs, then end with a cool down. All levels, all experiences are welcome. Music and moves constantly change and positions are basic—it’s up to you to go as far as you want.

Interested? Then check out Pure Barre Pasadena’s POP UP Walk and Class event on Saturday, October 17th: a free event that includes a walk around town and a short class in the park. Followed by snacks and drinks over at Kings Row Gastropub (not free). Meet at the studio on S. Fair Oaks at 12:30pm and get ready for a fun play day—your body (and mind) will thank you!

(Photo credit:http://www.purebarre.com)

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