Stress Less Before You Move – My Moving Tips

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Readers, are you in the process of moving? Because I am. For several months, my husband and I have mentally prepared for this move. But now, as we’re days away from actually moving, we’re realizing more and more that we need a game plan. One that will keep us on track with packing and keep us from going insane with the teetering stacks of boxes.

Life right now seems very unorganized. For someone like me, who likes everything in its place, having our belongings hidden away is a challenge. I’m learning, if anything, to let go. To be flexible. And to enjoy our space as much as possible. Because it’ll be gone sooner than I think.

Some ways that are helping ease the transition? Follow below:

  • Pack your dishes away—that’s what paper plates (and plastic cups, cutlery, etc.) are for.
  • Find healthy eat-out options for the days leading up to the move. There’s only so many times you want to fire up your stove-top, especially since you’ll need to box up your pots and pans soon. We’ve done our fair share of eating out. But trying to find healthy options can be hard. Some of our favorites? Souplantation (yes, really); Whole Foods (have you seen their prepared food section?); and Tender Greens (enough said).
  • Let go of the little things—like dust. I clean our house regularly; however, once the boxes started piling up and the messes became larger, I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that things will be messy. And that’s OK. It’s temporary.
  • Enjoy the space you’re in. We live in an amazing location—walking distance to so many shops and restaurants. Easily, we can take this for granite and forget about how convenient and fun this spot is. So we’re doing all we can to enjoy it. It’s easy to focus on moving day/boxes/expenses; which can automatically stress me out. But taking time to have some fun has really helped!
  • Get your team ready! Already, we’ve booked family and friends to come help us on moving day. It’s comforting to know that we’ll have their support regardless of how crazy that day might be!

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