The Meat District Co. — Let the Addiction Begin

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One of Old Pasadena’s newest restaurants has me hooked. The name? Meat District Co. Their game? Amazing all natural meats—straight from the farm. It’s a spot “where guests are encouraged to eat, relax and ‘let the addiction begin’.” Sounds good, no?

But before the food, there’s always the atmosphere. And the Meat District Co. has it in spades. The dark walls, urban cement floors, and rustic wooden tables set the tone and invite you in like a hipster cavern serving tasty food. The menu too follows the meat theme—all items are printed on paper in the shape of a butcher knife. Start flipping through the list because it’s extensive. From fresh salads and grilled vegetables to burgers, steaks, chicken and ribs, there’s something here for everyone. Plus, the hook. The hook is a unique dish served with a choice of fries or salad. Like a kabob standing upright, and hanging off a hook, the meats are interspersed with grilled vegetables and are pure yum. (My favorite, though? Their hotdog. Toasty bun; perfectly grilled meat; caramelized onions; mustard; pickles; ketchup. Careful, though. You’ll wanna be hungry. It’s practically two dogs.)

The Meat District is perfect for large parties or small date nights. So, if you’re new to Pasadena, check out this spot tonight!

Location and hours:

69 N. Raymond Pasadena 91103

Monday – Sunday: 11am until late (taken straight from the website.)

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