The Royce—A Luxe Dining Experience at the Langham Hotel 

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“Featuring the finest selection of USDA Prime Cuts, Australian Wagyu and authentic Japanese Kobe Beef, expertly prepared over a wood-fired grill with White Oak and seasonal wood to sear in the maximum flavor and juiciness of each cut.”

Welcome to The Royce.

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing The Royce. My husband and I just celebrated our 5-year-anniversary; and since we love a good meal, and needed to stay locally, what better place to dine? The restaurant is set inside the luxurious Langham Hotel, right here in Pasadena. Which sets the tone for The Royce—luxe, romantic, and fancy. Giant floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of natural light; two spacious wine rooms flank the restaurant’s entrance—reds to the left, whites and sparkling wines to the right; and white cozy booths and high-back chairs create an intimate yet modern space for dinners. Once the sun goes down, the restaurant’s warm interior glow is cozy.

And then there’s the food. Succulent steaks; fresh shrimp cocktails; gooey and delicious potato gratin; crisp asparagus. Devine. (And yes, expensive. But so worth it.) We opened a bottle of bubbly to cheers with, then proceeded with our own wine ($25 corkage fee). The service was spot-on. Friendly and helpful. And accommodating. When I didn’t like my lobster bisque (a bit too creamy), she swapped it no problem for the shrimp cocktail. And during dessert, when my husband’s creme brûlée seemed to be missing the vanilla, we were brought a house favorite, bread pudding—for free.

From the service to the food to the ambiance, The Royce served as the perfectly fancy backdrop for our anniversary. No doubt it would work for yours too.

The Royce:

  • The Langham Pasadena | 1401 S Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena 91106
  • Dinner Tuesday – Saturday evenings; Market brunch on Sundays

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