Urban Bike Classes: Riding the Streets with Confidence

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Are you like me and fear the road a bit when it comes to bike riding? I know. I’m a bit of a cautious rider; but with the traffic thickening in Pasadena, riding your bike in the city can be a bit hazardous. Thankfully, Metro has partnered with non-profit bike organizations to offer free urban bicycle classes until the end of September. Cautious riders, here’s your chance to gain your confidence on the streets!

Until the end of September, Pasadena will host three-hour intermediate classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Classes are split into three one-hour sections—the first hour takes place in the classroom (learning about rules of the road, reading maps, and bikeway classification); the second hour in a parking lot; and the third hour on the streets of the community. Already, the program has trained hundreds of people. Plus, once you’ve completed your class, you’ll not only have mastered riding your bike around town, but you’ll also receive a free bike helmet and a set of bike lights.

Interested? Register online at www.eventbrite.com/e/need-to-know-bike-safety-class-pasadena-series-tickets-17821913824?aff=erellivorg.

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